Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Good morning!  Well yesterday I was working on a secret project!  It's for someone who is poorly and will need a good deal of treatment over the next few months.  So I thought I would make that person a quilt!  My family tease me about my quilting but I think it will be comforting for this person to snuggle under a quilt when he's feeling rough!

It's a quilt as you go (QAYG) quilt which I love doing as it's so quick and easy.  The only part I dislike is the slip stitch sewing of the joining strips.  So I attempted to sew these using my lovely blanket stitch (my favourite stitch) on my Elna machine.  It looked fantastic on the top but I just couldn't line it up neatly on the back - it was all very frustrating so I'm now back to hand sewing the strips!  If anyone has any bright ideas how I can sew the complete quilt on the machine please get in touch and let me know - thank you!

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