Friday, 17 May 2013

Much fabric bought ....

little sewing done!!!  OK, now that I've recovered from the excitement of all that fabric and all the beautiful quilts on show at Malvern - back to reality!  I have all this fabric and I've spent very little time sewing.  So I've just sat here and worked out that I have ten projects that I have the fabric for - well mostly!  So, I'm stating it here - I will not buy any more fabric or patterns, buttons, ribbons whatever until all these ten projects are complete!  This is my list of projects:

(1)   Triangle quilt for dear friend!  Well under way!
(2)   David's cushions!  Won't take long at all!
(3)   Covers for arm chair in kitchen!  Currently covering holes with throw!
(4)   Quilt for Tom - this one still at the design stage!  I need a cricket pattern?
(5)   Daisy quilt for our bedroom in Bath!  Another lovely one from Popular Patchwork!
(6)   Cupcake quilt for Poppy's bedroom here!  Had this fabric for over a year!
(7)   Beach hut quilt for summerhouse!  Better get this one made before the summer is over!
(8)   Cotton Reel Quilt using lovely Liberty fabric that dear friend bought me for my 50th birthday!
(9)   Chicken quilt for kitchen!  Could make this and use to cover holes in arm chair!
(10) Pink houses quilt because I love it and want to make it!!!!

So I want everyone to hold me to this - please!

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